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Ones To Watch┃ Words by Nina Vologa ┃ 13.08.2021

Multi-Instrumentalist and Singer-Songwriter Brown Bear Collective recently released the beautiful ‘Don’t Wanna Be Alone’, depicting new beginnings and finding his place. We know where his place is. On the radio. We can’t wait to hear more from this natural talent. Originally from Leicestershire and a bedroom-musician, Brown Bear Collective is looking forward to releasing more music, gigging, and collaborating with other artists and producers.  

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brown bear collective tells izland about new cities, the trombone and being an artist in the digital world.  

If you could tell me your top three inspirations, who would they be and what have they inspired you to do? 


My mother has been a singer-songwriter for 40 odd years, she inspires me a lot to make a career out of music for myself (having a real job is getting real boring). I've got a lot of friends who make incredible music. Seeing them succeed with their own releases drives me to keep improving with my own work. 

 As a kid, my favourite band was The Eagles. I used to listen to their greatest hits CD every night to help me get off to sleep. I'd say they are probably the reason I fell in love with music at such a young age, their music just always connected with me and continues to inspire me greatly. 


Have you always been a writer?

I've played instruments since I was super young (started off with trombone believe it or not), but I only really started writing proper songs when I was 19/20. I'd always written previous to that but that's when I feel like it really clicked for me. 


'Don't Wanna Be Alone' has an amazing and emotional musical atmosphere, what did you write this track about? 


When I write I don't really have a topic in mind, it kinda just flows out naturally. But I'd say this one is about moving to a new city, not knowing anyone, and struggling with that. 

Artists are facing unique challenges with the pandemic and increasing popularity of the digital world. Have you struggled as an artist? How did you overcome it?

With regards to the pandemic, I'd say it's probably helped me by giving me time to work on my sound and put out a couple of tracks without the added pressure of going out and doing gigs alongside that. 

Being an artist within this digital time we live in is great. You can put out whatever you want without having to be backed by a label, but it can also be tough to break through and stand out as so many other people are trying to do exactly the same as you. 

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