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maya clars

Ones To Watch┃ Words by Nina Vologa ┃ 18.08.2021

Russian indie-pop artist Maya Clars started creating music from an early age, playing piano from six and delving into music production at age 14. Her alternative genre encapsulates nature and love, bringing a sense of turmoil in each musical Bildungsroman. Maya describes her music as something to help her with what is inside of her head, a thought reminiscent of the idea that reality is art and art is reality. After attracting fans with tracks such as Sugar-Coated Waltz and BAD NEWS, she released Road 22, an intimate composition with a music video of a colourful, conceptual style.  

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maya clars on her latest track road 22, the fear behind the music, and the pandemic.  

Your latest composition, Road 22, is beautiful and haunting. Would you mind letting us in on the topic behind the track?

Thank you so much! Of course! There're a lot of meanings in the song, but the main one is about the feeling of being caged and the want to be free of it. I dedicate this song to the people (and also myself) who want to change something but can't do it because some of us have a fear to fail or make our life worse. I want to help people to understand that changing something in your life might be a good idea because potentially it can make your future better, so you should not be afraid of this.

   One day, I felt like I'm slowly overcoming this fear. Now I'm ready to enter a new chapter of my existence. Actually, that road in the song represents these opened gates to a new life that I've been waiting for so long and at the same time was afraid of. I believe my new song will motivate people to start doing things as they always wanted to do, for intense, moving to another place or maybe just dying their hair! Changes are always good if you truly need them!

Tell us about when you started writing music?

My parents enrolled me in a music school when I was 6 years old. I had lessons where I needed to create short classical compositions; apparently, it was my very first experience of writing music. At that time, I wasn't interested in composing at all, but growing up, I started being more curious about this.

  I was getting involved in music more and more, and at the age of 14, I wrote the first serious song "The Desire". This definitely was a turning point in my life. I wanted to create more songs, so I started learning how to work with the DAW Logic Pro X. After getting some knowledge about the production, I started creating more songs. I've got so inspired by the fact that I can transfer any of my thoughts into the sound! Now I continue producing songs by using another music program "Cubase", in which I've already received a certificate in "Music sound engineering, recording, mixing, and mastering in a modern studio".

How have you coped over the pandemic, aside from through music? 

  As for everyone, the pandemic affected me in different ways. I had to change my lifestyle, get used to uncomfortable things, and so on. At that time, I was still studying in high school and preparing for my exams. It was really hard to motivate myself in the beginning, but then it got easier to overcome. I think that just focusing on the school work that I needed to do and the exams really helped me to cope with the pandemic situation.


What are your plans for the future of your artistry?

I have a lot of plans for the future, but the thing that excites me the most is my first upcoming EP album! I can't wait to start working on it! I have several ideas for the concept of it but don't want to spoil the tea right now :). Also, I want to experiment with genres because I'm a fan of various kinds of music. Maybe a mix of several would be an interesting idea. Moreover, the progress I've been making right now is quite pleasing for me, which motivates me to work more.



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