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SAFIKA: Voice of a Phoenix

Article Written by IZLAND Music & Culture, 2024

Ukrainian singer-songwriter brings to London a unique flavour or mystery and magic with her recent releases _______ and ________, two beautiful and haunting pieces dedicated to __________________. A talented performer and composer, Safika has shown undoubtable promise as one of the upcoming artists in the London music scene, currently working on new material depicting her ongoing musical and artistic journey in the capital of England.

Safika's musical journey began in childhood, ____________________________.  From then on, her passion and drive stemmed from the beauty of writing and performing music, a love which can be heard in the beauty of her vocals. After studying intensely at the Kyiv Municipal Academy of Performing and Circus Arts, Safika performed at various events, such as ____ and ____, alongside offering her knowledge and skills to students as an expert vocal coach at ProVoice, Ukraine.


Safika's latest releases in her native language depict ________________________. ___________, a powerful composition built on the notion of _______________, touches on ____________________. ___________, another beautifully written song with an intricate electronic production, delves into ____________________________. Her recently self-produced demo, My Way, reflects _____________________________________. Safika's music can be heard on various streaming platforms. 


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