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the quirks and statements of the emerging pop-star she nova   

Interview┃ Words by Amy Woodroffe ┃ 05.11.2021

Award-winning, emerging artist She Nova, writes gutsy anthems to encourage her fans, the “Weirdo Crew”, to embrace their own uniqueness.  This theme runs true in her heart since childhood as she has never seemed to “fit in” like others. Summer 2019, She Nova won “Best Pop Video” at the Hollywood Women’s Film Festival for her self-made music video “ADHDAF”, where she depicts the ups and downs of having ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).  At this time she has dropped eight singles that can be streamed on all music platforms accompanied by self-made music videos on YouTube.

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she nova lets us in on the process of writing an album, the heat of the music industry, and vents about picking an outfit.

We get the feeling that you love to make a statement... can you tell us about your toughest challenge(s) in the music industry?


I mean, getting out of it and going independent what the best decision I ever made. I was working for other signed artists, played keys in cover bands around town, some ghost-writing and studio demo stuff... I'm proud to say I have never not been doing music, but I always wanted to be my own artist, not some background b*tch lol. I'm thankful for those experiences cuz I wasn't always good! I needed that experience and learned so much from some very talented artists and producers, but I had to go rogue at some point. Being an artist just checks all the boxes for me. The process of making music is highly involved and in one day I wear 30 different hats. I love the challenge and every day is different running my business. I started editing music videos when I was 9 so I'm a self-taught closet editor and love making videos. I had a hand in editing and coloring most of the videos coming out for this album. A lot of people don't know I actually wrote and produced this entire album myself. I built out the loft in my apartment and recorded everything myself in that room. I had released a few other self-produced songs prior, but this is my first album and def the first full album I ever produced haha! No Sense and Strangers were the first songs I wrote over two days and when I listened back to them one day something came over me and I knew this was just the beginning of a story... and the words just slipped out of my mouth "oh shit... I have to make an album." So I did! Going in totally blind with no proper experience... just following this calling and some weird belief that I could figure it out. SO to answer your question, it took time, but being in the industry as long as I have, it's kicked me around enough to know that no one is gonna care about my art as much as I do and no one is gonna make moves for me.


Do you think that heartbreak contributes to writing music and if so in what way?


Heartbreak from the industry!? Lol, I'm sure it has contributed to my music but only because it contributed to ME as a human! I'm SO thankful for every opportunity lost! Every person blowing smoke up my butt when I had stars in my eyes, every rejection, every time I was taken advantage of giving my time for free, every "dream" someone told me to "just wait a little longer" for.... it makes me laugh but also makes me wanna put my arms around little me. I've always had this fiery drive and relentless passion and always saw the best in people. I used to look back in regret and hate on myself about the "mistakes" I made but now, I love myself for that and I know all of those situations were FOR me. Life is supposed to be hard and this business is the epitome of it.


What are your plans for 2021?


Welp, we're halfway through the MENTAL album, releasing one song and a video every Friday, so through Nov 19th, I'm very preoccupied with keeping up with videos and content. I'm preparing a limited edition signed the physical sale of the album shortly too. Then it's a few months back in the lab to finish writing the next album! Got 17 so far on that one, and it's a whole new theme but with the same in your face, dig the deeper vibe. Don't want to share the title yet, but let's just say I'm really stepping into my power and speaking my truth;) But I wanna take my time with it, as I did for this album... recharge a little in December and then hit it hard in January again. My main goal as an artist is to really create something I'm proud to leave behind on this earth when I leave... I want to create music because it's bigger than me and can make people feel and think in new ways. I always listen to my intuition when I need a break to "fill", as I call it. I'm very spiritual and need downtime to recenter and stay in touch with my higher self. Don't always have the luxury to be as present with her when I'm putting out an album LOL so yeah, the second half of the album, rest and refill, and then album #2 ;)


What inspired the video 'Flip The Switch'?


So when I was writing the album, every morning was dedicated to writing. I legit just jumped out of bed, grabbed a tea or coffee, and headed up to the studio. In that groggy kind of, not quick awake state, it is pretty easy for me to pop out a beat and start top-lining within the first hour of the day. One morning I woke up and just felt GOOD. Like the night before, I had a bad night outdoor dashing cuz I was saving up cash to promote the album, so it didn't make sense but I just felt on top of the world the moment I woke up! So when I started writing and loved the concept of how some days I'm just not okay and other days the birds are singing and I'm everything is great for no apparent reason. I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2017 (i have a whole other song about that.. lol - "ADHDAF"), so my mood can switch on a dime, and my brain kind of has a mind of its own haha. SO Flip the Switch was sparked from how I feel kind of like a backseat driver in my own mind. In the chorus when I say "in the moment of sunlight before it's gone", I'm referring to that flip that could happen at any moment and just wanting to hold on to the sunlight for as long as possible. The video is a whole other premise I won't go into, but yeah... we need to have a talking interview someday cuz my shit is too deep to type, haha.


Where did your unique, alternative fashion sense come from?


Ohhhhh fashion... how I love and hate you... kind of kidding, but not really lol. I have a very love/hate relationship with clothing. On one hand, I love expressing myself through color and mixing patterns that don't match and dressing how I'd want to dress if I were still 10 lol. But on the other hand, because I style myself and buy from thrift stores or whatever, finding an outfit that feels right, looks right, and matched the mood or who I am that day is such a chore! Some people may notice some repeat items in certain videos, and that's cuz it's really hard to find pieces I love and feel like me. On normal days, you'll find me in the same oversized t-shirt I bought for $1.99 at the goodwill for 6 days straight. This is my attempt at not having to go through the whole decision process again and ripping through my closet as a tornado blew through it. This has slightly turned into a vent session, but it is my truth and the daily struggle to pick a f*ckin outfit!

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