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what izland is all about

Growing artists.

Underground projects.

Revolutionary and innovative ideas derived from multiple creative disciplines. 


Our primary focus is the celebration of new and fresh talent. As the digital age expands and offers a world of inter-societal communication, we aim to use this opportunity and digital space to aid the discovery of some of the most deserving and unique individuals out there.  

what do we look for

imagine that you're surfing the internet at 2am, stumbling across an incredible fashion designer that blows your mind and leaves you addicted to their social media profile, or a track to send to your lover that you know they've probably not had the chance to listen to before. 

well, we are looking for the people behind those moments. the creators. so if you've been fortunate enough to experience this kind of magical discovery, or you know that you are that person, don't hesitate to let us hear about it.  

the team

small team, big dreamers. 

Maria TEAM PIC_edited_edited.jpg

Maria Højrup Darger


Amy TEAM PIC_edited_edited.jpg

Amy Woodroffe

Director of Operations

Luke TEAM PIC_edited_edited.jpg

Luke Anthony Halstead

Visual Creator 

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