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Enjoyable Listens

Oxford-born family-man Luke Duffett of Enjoyable listens is a writer and performer of unique indie-pop music, player of guitar, piano, internet, and emotion, and an experience to witness on stage. Whether he’s climbing up to the lighting or interacting with audience members in his vintage attire, his music presents a different form of indie and draws you into its honey-smooth vocal melody. We get to the bottom of Enjoyable Listen’s upcoming nationwide tour, which is starting at The George Tavern, Shadwell, the inspiration behind their latest track ‘The Field’ and the story behind Luke’s unusual and impeccable sense of fashion.   


Interviews┃Music┃ 23.08.2021

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Explore the latest tracks from Luke Duffett and Jimbo Savage of Enjoyable Listens, including their newest release, 'The Field.' We caught up with Luke to discuss the inspiration behind the song, his personal reflections on faith, and a surprising anecdote about John Travolta. Dive into the story with us.

Interview with Luke of Enjoyable Listens


We love the unique and nonconventional atmosphere in your music and lyrics, tell us about how that all came together over the years? 

Luke: Thank you so much. I started off trying really hard then stopped trying and began doing. Life is too short to be influenced. I just wanted to show folks my point of view and I think a lot there’s a lot of deep pleasure in that. 

What inspired you to write your latest track 'The Field'?

Luke: It’s about a church that are meeting on a field under a big tent. That, twinned with an exhortation to not be swept away by a culture of fear, but of love, power & a sound mind. 

How have you dealt with hardship in the past?

Luke: Turning to the Author of creation. Good God in all His glory. I’ve been very fortunate in that I haven’t really experienced all that much hardship. I guess suffering is arbitrary, but meditating on the person of Jesus Christ works. 

We wanna know, who inspires your vintage sense of fashion?

Luke: John Travolta, Bruce Willis, the tattoo artist formerly known as ‘Paradise’, the life of my dreams and the Scope Charity shop in Aylesbury where everything is always £1.

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