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Venetia Tenti:

"This performance describes the woman throughout the centuries and her strength as well as  weakness - the performance shows the luck in their lives and how the luck affects the life of those women . In this performance we’ve got five historical and mythological women. The first woman is the “fortuna" the God of Luck and represents the whole four. She represents first the “Medea” (known from the Greek mythology who killed her children) . 

A powerful performance of artwork which encapsulates women through the ages, depicted in fashion. The incredible pieces by Venetia Tenti are presented on stage to a beautiful soundtrack, while the models' movement represents the stories behind the creations. 

We interviewed the talented artist behind 'Female Ages' to find out more...

The second woman is “Poppea” (whose luck gave the first role in her life to be the “Nerona” wife of the King). The third woman is “Maria Antoinette” known from the mythology. And the last woman known from the “Henrik Ibsen” (Lady from the Sea). Each musical piece is real part of every character. The direction and choreography creates the characteristics of every single character."


Musical Director/Sound/Set/Costume: Venetia Tenti

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