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Buyinza's recent video 'Identity' displays the importance of the true self and feminine strength The video is set against her acoustic version of her uplifting and gorgeous track Not 2Day. With her previous track, Fine Gal From Uganda, bringing to us the amazing beats and sensuality characteristic of the Ugandan songstress, it's fair to say the show is stolen by the video, presenting some stunning silhouette scenes. We're desperate for what she is bringing this year.

Written by Amy Woodroffe



IZLAND Discusses Dreams, Achievements and Quarantine Baes With The Magical Artist, Buyinza.

When did you start making music?


I wrote my first song around 2005 - I still remember how it came about. We were spreading clothes out on the grass to dry when I let out a cheeky fart then decided to sing about it. It turned out a beautiful song.


Who are you listening to at the moment?

Currently listening to a lot of my own unreleased songs, not because I'm a hardcore narcissist but because I have been writing recording and mixing the new album. Reference music has been very varied from Disney classics to afro-beats.


What makes you make music?

I make music because I can't help myself but to make music. I have a dream. Plus, I don't believe that I have been gifted for no reason. So I exploit the gift and might land on the reason why, or my dream. Who knows, the two might be one and the same.


What are you most proud of so far in your journey?

This is particularly tough because it's all about perspective. Every achievement is mega in its own rightful circumstance and timing so I wrap all of them in one and say, growth. I have grown a whole lot, and I am absolutely content even proud of it.

What is your next step from here?​

Right this moment I am grateful that I can still make music so I am maximizing my potential but to be painfully honest, I just want me a quarantine bae.

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